Vintage scarf used for upcycled bags woman portrait


It is about us.

It is about a family of breadwinning women always wearing a smile and a silk scarf that matched perfectly their outfits.

Always. In good times and bad.

A wooden chest of drawers treasured those sublime, colourful silk wonders.
We opened those drawers and let them inspire our project.

With another inherited legacy: creativity, relentless work and passion.

Carré on silk and leather bag made with upcycled vintage scarf


It takes dedication to render a vision.
The final product is the result of a patient subtractive refinement, to let the essence of each, unique scarf stand out.

It takes creativity to make it.
We conceived a special production process to combine the grace of silk with the best Italian lambskin leather into a durable purse.

It takes commitment to be sustainable.
We pride ourselves to apply bio based materials and GRS certified recycled plastic only.
All our bags are entirely crafted in Italy.

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